GOOD Heat for Standing Rock!

Rev. Karen Brammer, Standing Rock, part 6

Despite the eviction. Despite the snow, endless wind and cold. Despite the order to search and fine anyone caught supplying the camp, the camp will continue. Here is one way to help finanically (my hope is you continue to send messages to the President, the ND Governor, the sheriff's office, and more).

The folks who sponsor the Interfaith Yurt (hosting elders, and other visitors who support the camp) are Unitarian Universalists of Bismark and everywhere. They have taken a leap of faith and ordered 10 corn pellet stoves for $15, 000 to distribute through camp.

Now we need to help pay for them in contributions from $10 to $5000 or whatever you can do. If you are able, please share this link and request, and give if you are able.  The money will help pay for the yurt and stoves. Once you give through this link, you will receive updates from Liz, a person I have been working with shoulder to shoulder for the Water Protectors.


Thank you so much.
Water is Life.
With love, Karen

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