Rev. Meredith Garmon
“The bell is full of wind though it does not ring. The bird is full of flight though it is still. The sky is full of clouds though it is alone. The word is full of voice though no one speaks it. Everything is full of fleeing though there are no roads. Everything is fleeing toward its presence.” (Roberto Juarroz, SLT #487)
Dear Eternity that holds all things,

All things are what they will become, and what they become after that. All time is manifested right in this moment. As it was in the beginning, ever was and ever shall be, world without end, is pushing on our awareness, rushing to be present to us.

All the joy and love, all the kindness and care, all the gentleness and wise grace that ever was or ever will be is right here with us.

All the pain and loss, all the anger and violence, all the bereavement and grief that ever was or ever will be is right here with us.

Breath in.

Breath out.

We pray in order to affirm our intention to open our hearts to all of what is here, which is everywhere, which is everywhen.


And everywhere.

And everywhen.

Dear eternity, in your presence, we trust. Worry and anxiety fall away. Our concepts of how things should be fall away.

Pure readiness grows in us -- readiness to laugh, delight in beauty, of each other’s eyes and faces, and of our verdant world -- readiness to cry, to move toward hurt, wherever we find it, and bring our healing and compassionate presence.

Readiness to breathe in, breathe out -- each time for all time -- and step into a life of continuous, boundless love.

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