Spiritual Practice

Deepening in wisdom, compassion, and connectedness can be facilitated by a spiritual discipline. Here are a number of suggestions for spiritual practice. Click the links for more info!

THE BASICS: Practices that will involve setting aside a dedicated time -- and are highly recommended for everyone.
Do once (and then stay with it):
   "Choose Your Spiritual Practice"
In addition to your chosen spiritual practice:
Every Day:
   "Get Enough Sleep"
   "Journal" (see also "Morning Pages")
   "Study Spiritual Texts"
Every week:
   "Keep Sabbath"

MIGHT BE YOUR THING: The practices here are not for everyone -- but one of them may be just the thing for you!
   "Poetry By Heart"

WORTH A TRY: These can be an occasional or one-time enhancement for your spiritual life -- or could become a regular practice for your deepening and enriching.
   "Be Merciful"
   "The Mirror Exercise"
   "Give Grace a Hand"
   "Consciously Dwell in Mystery"
   "The Year to Live List"
   "The Magical Playlist"
   "Face the Evil"
   "Succeed at Rejection"
   "Practices for Awe"
   "The Birthday/Funeral Gift"
   "Three Good Things"
   "Whose Am I?"
   "Watch an Inspiring Movie"
   "Create a Pain and Pleasure List"
   "Simplify" (also a "Keep In Mind" practice)
   "Failure Gratitude"
   "Create With/For Others"
   "Sustainable Liberation"
   "Let Your Precious Go"
   "Bring More Intentionality"
   "Watch Where Your Mind Wanders"
   "Explore Desire Through Renunciation"
   "Get Help with a Resolution"
   "Give Thanks to Someone for Your Resistance"
   "Spiritualize One Space in Your Life"
   "Engage Transformative Possibility"
   "Sacred Reading"
   "Take Down a 'Keep Out' Sign"
   "Embrace Wonder"
   "Create a Home Altar"
   "Have A Direct Experience of Transcending Mystery and Wonder"
   "Make One Change"
   "Fall in Love with Someone"

KEEP IN MIND: Practices for everyone to keep in mind and pay attention to. These practices don't require setting aside a separate substantial chunk of time. Just have the intention to grow stronger in each of these areas as you go about your day, and sometimes make one of them the focus of your daily journaling.
   "Keep Going"
   "Turn All Mishaps Into the Path"
   "Don't Know"
   "Patience" (See also: "Be Patient")
   "Aspire Without Attachment"
   "Turn Things Around"
   "Risk the Dreaded Experience"
   "Real Compassion"
   "Take Refuge"
   "Be a Child of Illusion"
   "Use Your Will"
   "Don't Get Stuck on Peace"
   "Have Insight"
   "Ask Yourself What's Good?"
   "Examine the Nature of Awareness"
   "Think Long and Hard on Four Points"
   "Rest in the Openness of Mind"
   "Simplify" (also a "Worth a Try" practice)
   "Focus on Better Questions"
   "Identify Your Emotions"
   "See Everything As a Dream"
   "Pay Attention to Blessing" (a.k.a. "Take In the Good"; includes Rick Hansen video. 6:57)
   "Enjoy Humility" (includes video: Rick Hanson's TED Talk, "Hardwiring Happiness," 13:46)
   "Be Patient" (See also: "Patience")
   "Find Strength"
   "Get Excited"
   "Smile" (includes video: "Neurology of Awakening," 80 mins)
   "Claim Desire"
   "Let Go of White-Centeredness"
   "Let Go"
   "Be Grateful" (includes video: David Steindl-Rast's TED Talk, 14:30)
   "Find Beauty"
   "Have Faith"
   "Be Glad"
   "Take More Breaks"
   "Say Yes"
   "Take Pleasure"
   "Protect Your Brain"
   "Nourish Your Brain"
   "Befriend Your Body"
   "Be Mindful" (includes video: Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness, 72 mins)  (see also "Cultivate Mindfulness")
   "Forgive Yourself"
   "Slow Down" (includes video: David Essel on his book, "Slow Down")
   "See the Good in Yourself"
   "Cultivate Mindfulness" (see also "Be Mindful")
   "Relax" (includes two short videos on biology and breathing)
   "Have Compassion for Yourself"(includes video: Kristin Neff's TED Talk, 19:01)
   "Be For Yourself"
   "Cultivate Self-Acceptance" (includes video: TED talk by Michelle Charfen)
   "Fill the Hole in Your Heart"
   "Feel Safer"
   "Don't Take It Personally"
   "Respond, Don't React" (includes video: Tara Brach on learning to respond, not react)
   "Relax Anxiety about Imperfection"
   "Don't Throw Darts"
   "Love Your Inner Child"
   "Honor Your Temperament"
   "Notice You're All Right Right Now"
   "Be Generous"
   "Dream Big Dreams"
   "Put Out Fires"
   "Don't Be Alarmed"
   "Tend to the Causes"
   "Accept the Limits of Your Influence"
   "Do What You Can" (includes video: Lance Luria on learned helplessness)
   "Enjoy Your Hands" (includes video: Dacher Keltner on Touch, 7:54)
   "Be Curious"

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